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Twig and Tale Forester coat

I’ve never sewn a coat for me before. There was some tries, but usually it turned out into a mess and I just decided that sewing a coat for me was not my thing. After sewing few coats for my girls this autumn I finally felt like I needed a beautiful coat or jacket for me too. And then I saw Twig and Tale Forester coat testers call. I was lucky to participate in testing of this pattern and I can surely tell now – it’s really not as scary as it looks like! Really, believe me!


Forester coat is released in women and men sizes, with a lot of options and variations. Instructions are very clear (as all Twig and Tale patterns), with photos for every step and even video tutorials on their blog! Honestly, even adventurous beginner can sew it, just don’t hurry and read instructions!

It also has Nestledown option! Nestledown add-on contains zip-in panels for both maternity (to allow for the bump!) and for baby wearing. The ND add-on contains ALL the Nestledown options in the one add-on – Maternity panel, Men’s + Womens Carry panel. 👶 Oh I wish this pattern would came up a couple of years earlier!


My coat is fully upcycled – I’ve been keeping 5 vintage woolen jackets, all in earthly colors, and they were perfect for mixing and matching for this coat. For the lining I used floral vintage flannel, it’s not so slippery as regular lining fabric, but definitely gives more warmth and comfort. I don’t like synthetic fabrics, so my choice was based on that. Even zipper and leather buttons are upcycled from the jackets I ripped.

I love how different fabrics came up together
Mine is with Windflap option
View from the back
Pixie hood

I’m really pleased with the results and already planning to make another coat for the upcoming autumn and also one for my husband. Family uniform, ha ha 😀

You can find Twig and Tale Forester coat pattern here :Forester coat collection


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