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Puzzle Patterns

I was honored to be a guest blogger for Puzzle Patterns and introduce their amazing new Playtime collection. It contains 4 interchangeable patterns: Jumping Jack, Flying Fox, Merry go round and Ring around the Rosie. Yes, that’s right – all the patterns pieces can be mixed and matched like puzzle! Possibilities are endless and fun in sewing process also!

I decided to go big and try to make full outfit sets for both of my daughters. For my older Eleanor (she wears size 5) I chose to make a mix of ruffled bodice (Ring around the Rosie) and shorts (Flying Fox). The only chance I did was to lengthen shorts to fit kindergarten requirements. As the top I did Jumping Jack with long sleeves, as it’s still spring here and not very warm though. It was a quick sew (I made BOTH girls outfits in one day while they were in kindergarten, from taping pattern to finishing!). She really liked it, I couldn’t expect more because usually she wears dresses and skirts only, she’s princess kinda girl. It’s a huge plus as I finally found a pattern which she loves and there will be no headache thinking how to make her wear pants when it’s necessary! Wooohoo!


You can see how happy she is! 😍

For my younger daughter Elizabeth (she wears size 3) I decided to try something I never made – harem pants (Jumping Jack). I always considered it looks better on boys, but I was so wrong! It’s super comfy, playing friendly and looks so cute! Now to make dozens of them! Fot the top I used Jumping Jack with small collar (Merry go round). It turned out cute and added girly look to all the outfit. I love these patterns of their versatility – simply changing a detail and it can be unisex – removing collar and it would perfectly fit for a boy! So great if you have both gender kids, you don’t have to buy separate patterns.


So, my younger was happy too and we had a lot of fun while taking pictures! 😊

I used regular quilting cotton for all the items, so it was easy to work with. All the patterns are clear, easy and beginner friendly, with the detailed instructions and a lot of helpful photos, also pattern hacks for mixing and matching.

Here are a few more pictures showing how my girls loved their outfits to make you want grab a pattern and go sewing! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

These pants and blouses soon will be available in my Etsy shop!


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