My favorite dress

This is my favorite dress I made so far. And not only because of the dress itself, but more because of the wonderful woman modeling it. This is my friend Ruta (yes, we both are named the same :D). She’s a seamstress – crafter too. You can find her makes in Mumishandmade. She lives in France, so we see each other once a year, but we chat each day. I really cherish this friendship and I’m very glad that I met her.


This summer Ruta visited Lithuania and had a wonderful photo shoot with amazing photograph Milda. She really does magic with her camera!


That was a perfect moment to show my new dress – linen one, with pockets! Enjoy the photos, and if you want you can find a link to dress on Etsy below!


Dress on Etsy

Blog tours

Sansahash summer blog tour 2018

I was honored to join  Sansahash summer 2018 blog tour (31 bloggers!!!) and here are my makes.

First of all, I sewed a fabulous dress for my older daughter Eleanor, pattern I used is Zahara dress. It is super easy sew and advanced beginner can easily deal with it! I loved it’s simplicity and details, such as unusual bodice. Fabric I used is from my vintage stash, so it turned out one of a kind. As you can see, she loved it!


You know what’s the best part? Each of 31 bloggers are giving 2 patterns every day! One on IG, the second one on blog posts. So if you haven’t try Sansahash patterns yet, it’s a perfect time to do that. My giveaway is in the bottom of blog post.

Can’t wait for the winners to be cleared, want to sew NOW? Then check it – the  sale  is 40% site wide through the tour! For all the patterns! Isn’t that great?

Now to get back to my sewing.  As my little one Elisabeth always want’s to look like her sister, I had to make something for her. But she’s a tomgirl, so dresses isn’t the best option for her. So I mashed a romper! I used previously mentioned Zahara dress bodice and paired it with Kamaria sunsuit bottom. I love how it turned out, and, most important part, it’s super comfy to wear for her!

This Summer Blog Tour, wouldn’t be a blog tour without something to win. Everyday each blogger can give away one pattern on her blog and IG. This is a worldwide give away and the winner can choose his/her own pattern.

The conditions to win are:
1) Follow all of today’s bloggers of the blog tour  and  @sansahash (you can do so via below Rafflecopter)
2) Leave a message below, minimum of 4 words


Sansahash Summer Blog Tour 2018!

5th June

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6th June

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7th June

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8th June

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9th June

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New patterns

Paradise skirt

Attention : get ready for photos overload! 😀

Karrington Paige designs just released a new skirt pattern, which is really awesome. It comes in girls and ladies sizes, which is great for mommy and me outfits.

And I did one! Skirt for me and two for my girls. I chose maxi length for maxi fun, but it comes in three different lengths – mini, midi and maxi.


Pattern is very good drafted, but it’s also simple even for a beginner, if you can sew straight – you can make this skirt. It has no buttons or zippers, only straps. It’s a fast sew, so if you don’t have what to wear for tomorrow you can sew it in one evening. I made all three of mine in one day, from pattern taping to final ironing.


My skirts are made of flowy, but not see thru poliester fabric, they have a good drape and suits for every day and occasions too. You can make yours in any fabric with a good drape – viscose, rayon, light cotton. Thicker fabric would also work, but it would have a bit different look, a little more stiff and not so flowy.












You can find pattern here: https://karringtonpaigedesigns.com/

My skirts are made to order here:

Woman sizes and Girls sizes.

New patterns

Twig and Tale Forester coat

I’ve never sewn a coat for me before. There was some tries, but usually it turned out into a mess and I just decided that sewing a coat for me was not my thing. After sewing few coats for my girls this autumn I finally felt like I needed a beautiful coat or jacket for me too. And then I saw Twig and Tale Forester coat testers call. I was lucky to participate in testing of this pattern and I can surely tell now – it’s really not as scary as it looks like! Really, believe me!


Forester coat is released in women and men sizes, with a lot of options and variations. Instructions are very clear (as all Twig and Tale patterns), with photos for every step and even video tutorials on their blog! Honestly, even adventurous beginner can sew it, just don’t hurry and read instructions!

It also has Nestledown option! Nestledown add-on contains zip-in panels for both maternity (to allow for the bump!) and for baby wearing. The ND add-on contains ALL the Nestledown options in the one add-on – Maternity panel, Men’s + Womens Carry panel. 👶 Oh I wish this pattern would came up a couple of years earlier!


My coat is fully upcycled – I’ve been keeping 5 vintage woolen jackets, all in earthly colors, and they were perfect for mixing and matching for this coat. For the lining I used floral vintage flannel, it’s not so slippery as regular lining fabric, but definitely gives more warmth and comfort. I don’t like synthetic fabrics, so my choice was based on that. Even zipper and leather buttons are upcycled from the jackets I ripped.

I love how different fabrics came up together
Mine is with Windflap option
View from the back
Pixie hood

I’m really pleased with the results and already planning to make another coat for the upcoming autumn and also one for my husband. Family uniform, ha ha 😀

You can find Twig and Tale Forester coat pattern here :Forester coat collection

New patterns

Puzzle Patterns

I was honored to be a guest blogger for Puzzle Patterns and introduce their amazing new Playtime collection. It contains 4 interchangeable patterns: Jumping Jack, Flying Fox, Merry go round and Ring around the Rosie. Yes, that’s right – all the patterns pieces can be mixed and matched like puzzle! Possibilities are endless and fun in sewing process also!

I decided to go big and try to make full outfit sets for both of my daughters. For my older Eleanor (she wears size 5) I chose to make a mix of ruffled bodice (Ring around the Rosie) and shorts (Flying Fox). The only chance I did was to lengthen shorts to fit kindergarten requirements. As the top I did Jumping Jack with long sleeves, as it’s still spring here and not very warm though. It was a quick sew (I made BOTH girls outfits in one day while they were in kindergarten, from taping pattern to finishing!). She really liked it, I couldn’t expect more because usually she wears dresses and skirts only, she’s princess kinda girl. It’s a huge plus as I finally found a pattern which she loves and there will be no headache thinking how to make her wear pants when it’s necessary! Wooohoo!


You can see how happy she is! 😍

For my younger daughter Elizabeth (she wears size 3) I decided to try something I never made – harem pants (Jumping Jack). I always considered it looks better on boys, but I was so wrong! It’s super comfy, playing friendly and looks so cute! Now to make dozens of them! Fot the top I used Jumping Jack with small collar (Merry go round). It turned out cute and added girly look to all the outfit. I love these patterns of their versatility – simply changing a detail and it can be unisex – removing collar and it would perfectly fit for a boy! So great if you have both gender kids, you don’t have to buy separate patterns.


So, my younger was happy too and we had a lot of fun while taking pictures! 😊

I used regular quilting cotton for all the items, so it was easy to work with. All the patterns are clear, easy and beginner friendly, with the detailed instructions and a lot of helpful photos, also pattern hacks for mixing and matching.

Here are a few more pictures showing how my girls loved their outfits to make you want grab a pattern and go sewing! 😉😂

These pants and blouses soon will be available in my Etsy shop!